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Here at Contractor Licensing Service we make getting licensed Quick and Easy

We focus on getting you back out doing what your passionate about with the confidence that we’ve done our job to ensure you can do yours, hassle free.
Getting licensed requires paperwork being filled out, approved and checked twice, sent around being reviewed a dozen times before you might be told to do it all over again. Lets cut out all the leg work and middle men in this process because here at Contractor Licensing Service we’re your One Stop Shop for getting your contractor license.

4We make getting licensed as simple and to the point as possible

We keep in mind that you’ve worked long enough and you deserve proof of all that hard work as soon as possible. We make sure to cut out any work for you that we can handle ourselves to get you licensed as fast as possible. We know how to get your application in order and filled out to show off your best characteristics and achievements for the highest chance of being approved possible.


3Contractor Licensing Service is a premium license expediter located in Florida but serves every state in the United States from one convenient location.

We began with a mission to help customers achieve their goals while complying with the States regulations. Pushing ourselves to improve the customer experience with each client we help. Providing the best service possible individually, getting our business processes down to assembly line precision, innovating along the way, and engaging customers to find out what they want, and help them get where they want to be is what made Contractor Licensing Service what it is.